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The ideal solution for long-term car rental!

The Novelli Service Long-Term Car Rental is an innovative mobility solution, capable of responding to every mobility need of professionals and Small and Medium Enterprises. Against the payment of a fixed monthly fee, you have a car or a commercial vehicle at your disposal for a period of time and a mileage calculated on your real needs.

Services Included in the Fee

Included Services

How much do you save by choosing the rental?

Choosing the Long Term Rental allows you to have a reduction in the management costs of your car and a big saving in time and management. You will no longer have to incur unexpected costs and you can plan your monthly expense based on the budget available, with certain costs and no surprises. With the Long Term Rental you will have included many services: ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, property tax, car delivery, full insurance coverage, collection of your used vehicle, 24h assistance and many other services that you can add to create the most suitable solution for your needs.


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